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OWASP IDE VulScanner

Highlighting the best SCA scanner with IDE plugins for IntelliJ and VSCode extension.

The Only SCA scanner you will ever need!!

Affiliated with OWASP our IDE Vulscanner supports the shift left principle which enables developers to scan their code during the implementation phase. Supports key industry languages like Java, Python, Node and many more.

Leading SCA Scanner Provider

Empowering developers with cutting-edge OWASP IDE Vulscanner technology, offering seamless integration with popular IDE plugins like IntelliJ and VSCode extensions.

Why OWASP IDE VulScanner

Best SAST scanner with Shift Left principle, user view, and IDE plugins.

Promote Shift Left Security

Shift-left security integrates security practices early in the software development lifecycle. By incorporating security measures from the initial stages of design and coding, it aims to identify and address vulnerabilities sooner, reducing risks, and costs, and enhancing overall software quality and resilience.

Programming language agonistic

Our scanner supports multi-language and gives developers options to run it from their IDE i.e. IntelliJ or VSCode.

OWASP IDE VulScanner is a powerful Software Composition Analysis (SCA) tool designed for seamless IDE integration. It offers real-time vulnerability detection, detailed reports, and comprehensive dependency analysis. Automate updates to secure versions, integrate with CI/CD pipelines, and customize security policies to fit your needs. With extensive programming language support and adherence to OWASP standards, VulScanner ensures robust security and compliance. Shift left and embed security into your DevOps processes with OWASP IDE VulScanner, protecting your code from vulnerabilities and ensuring secure software development.

Solves SCA use cases

The OWASP IDE VulScanner is truly the best SAST scanner in the market. It perfectly follows the shift left principle.

Sara Smith, Java Developer

I love the user view and offerings of OWASP IDE VulScanner. The IDE plugins are a game-changer.

Abhishek H, Team lead